Heather & Isaiah’s Wedding Day

We would like to express our thanks to Heather, Isaiah, their families and their wedding party for a truly wonderful day.

Everyone contributed to this day from the first moments of delicate makeup, amazing hand made bouquets, an elementary school class of very proud ring bearers, wonderful food, a moon bounce (yes a moon bounce), dancing in sunglasses and at the end of a wonderful day, an escape in the rumble seat of the very Model A, in which mom and dad had made their own escape decades earlier.   This wedding day was genuinely magic.

Thanks for having us be part of your special day!   Elaine & Jose.

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Anna & Steve’s Wedding day at Beth Sholom

Throughout the ceremonies in the early part of the day Rabbi Antine spoke often about their smiles, glow and that wonderful sense of being in love that so defined Anna and Steve’s beautiful day.

The Beth Sholom congregation was founded at the turn of the century and moved from DC to Potomac in the early 70’s. The modern Beth Sholom is one of the most peaceful, inspiring and beautiful sanctuaries we have ever photographed.  Even in the quiet hours of preparation this sanctuary brings joy.

Our special thanks to Anna, Steve, David and their wonderful families for the best smiles ever and so much fun all day long.

With our heartfelt thanks to  Beth Sholom Congregation, Da Vinci’s Florist, Signature Catering and the Mark Novak Band for making this day so amazing.

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Emily and Nate’s Wedding Day

How wonderful and amazing it is to be married in your own neighborhood on a breezy shoreline surrounded by beloved family and lifelong friends.  Emily and Nate strolled the shoreline with the their wedding party and enjoyed cocktails on the rocky shore.

It is sure that they will stroll this shoreline often in the years to come and think back on this priceless, funny, loving, joyfilled day.  Emily and Nate you were absolutely beautiful and so much fun!!!

Congratulations Emily and Nate!

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Ashley and Tom’s wedding day at Bluemont Vineyards

Sometimes nature conspires to help us remember a day forever. This was a day filled with laughter and hugs, warmth and sweetness, precious details and even some atmospheric bravery. Married in the rain?  …. they sure did. The winery glowed almost as much as they did.

We would like to express our thanks to Ashley and Tom, their wonderful families and wedding party for making this day so amazing, fun and beautiful.

Our special thanks to Jenny McLaughlin for all of her support in making this day so joyful!   Thank you Bluemont Vineyard.

Virginia Wedding Photographer Virginia Wedding Photographer 02Virginia Wedding Photographer 0001 Virginia Wedding Photographer 03

Virginia Wedding Photographer 04 Virginia Wedding Photographer 05 Virginia Wedding Photographer 06 Virginia Wedding Photographer 07 Virginia Wedding Photographer 08 Virginia Wedding Photographer 09 Virginia Wedding Photographer 10 Virginia Wedding Photographer 11 Virginia Wedding Photographer 12 Virginia Wedding Photographer 13 Virginia Wedding Photographer 14 Virginia Wedding Photographer 15 Virginia Wedding Photographer 16 Virginia Wedding Photographer 17 Virginia Wedding Photographer 18 Virginia Wedding Photographer 19 Virginia Wedding Photographer 20Virginia Wedding Photographer 21 Virginia Wedding Photographer 22 Virginia Wedding Photographer 23 Virginia Wedding Photographer 24 Virginia Wedding Photographer 25 Virginia Wedding Photographer 26 Virginia Wedding Photographer 27 Virginia Wedding Photographer 28 Virginia Wedding Photographer 29 Virginia Wedding Photographer 30 Virginia Wedding Photographer 31 Virginia Wedding Photographer 32 Virginia Wedding Photographer 33 Virginia Wedding Photographer 34 Virginia Wedding Photographer 35 Virginia Wedding Photographer 36 Virginia Wedding Photographer 37 Virginia Wedding Photographer 38 Virginia Wedding Photographer 39 Virginia Wedding Photographer 40 Virginia Wedding Photographer 41 Virginia Wedding Photographer 42 Virginia Wedding Photographer 43 Virginia Wedding Photographer 44 Virginia Wedding Photographer 45 Virginia Wedding Photographer 46 Virginia Wedding Photographer 47

Black & White Wedding Photography

Even in the most colorful, pastoral setting, black and white imagery can highlight emotion, texture, humor, intimacy and beauty.

There was a time even just a decade ago when digital imagery did not hold a candle to fine black and white film.  The world has changed.  Today digital photography with fine post processing has more power to express subtlety and detail then the very finest film did 20 years ago.

I nolonger miss my Hassleblad — well maybe just a little.  It still sits on my desk as a precious memory and tribute to the genius of idols like Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham.   How they would have loved digital!  How they would have loved today!

Black White Photography 161Black White Photography 163 Black White Photography 164Black White Photography 166Black White Photography 169 Black White Photography 170 Black White Photography 171Black White Photography 173 Black White Photography 174

Jessica & Greg’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency

We would like to express our thanks to Jess, Greg, their wonderful family and friends and their amazing wedding party.

The day began with the most beautiful chuppah, hand sewn with pieces of fabric from Jess and Greg’s lives, including rosettes from baby blankets and mementos from high school, college and dating.   Even the littlest one kept their patent leather shoes on all day  long, braved a long aisle and danced into the wee hours with the biggest grins!

Congratulations Jessica & Greg!

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Wedding Photographer  101 Wedding Photographer  102 Wedding Photographer  103Wedding Photographer  105 Wedding Photographer  106Wedding Photographer  108 Wedding Photographer  109 Wedding Photographer  110Wedding Photographer  112Wedding Photographer  114 Wedding Photographer  115 Wedding Photographer  116 Wedding Photographer  117Wedding Photographer  119Wedding Photographer  122 Wedding Photographer  123 Wedding Photographer  124 Wedding Photographer  125 Wedding Photographer  126 Wedding Photographer  127 Wedding Photographer  128 Wedding Photographer  129 Wedding Photographer  130 Wedding Photographer  131 Wedding Photographer  132 Wedding Photographer  133 Wedding Photographer  134 Wedding Photographer  135 Wedding Photographer  136 Wedding Photographer  137 Wedding Photographer  138 Wedding Photographer  139 Wedding Photographer  140 Wedding Photographer  141 Wedding Photographer  142 Wedding Photographer  143 Wedding Photographer  144 Wedding Photographer  145 Wedding Photographer  146 Wedding Photographer  147 Wedding Photographer  148 Wedding Photographer  149 Wedding Photographer  150 Wedding Photographer  151 Wedding Photographer  152 Wedding Photographer  153 Wedding Photographer  154 Wedding Photographer  155 Wedding Photographer  156

Brianna & Nick at St. Matthew’s

Our special thanks to Brian, Nick their wonderful family and friends for an absolutely stunning day.  Brianna started her day by walking with a parasol to St. Matthews Cathedral in keeping with a longstanding cultural tradition.  The day was sunny and 70. It could not have been more beautiful.

St Matthew’s, dedicated in 1840 and designed by architect Christopher LeFarge is among the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.  Those waiting moments and the walk down the long aisle are the memory of a lifetime particularly for the littlest members of the wedding party.

Brianna and Nick visited the Capitol for some R&R, images and fun with their wedding party and celebrated their reception at the Army Navy Club decorated in Cherry Blossoms.

Congratulations Brianna and Tom!!!

Wedding DC Photography 100Wedding DC Photography 102 Wedding DC Photography 103Wedding DC Photography 107Wedding DC Photography 110 Wedding DC Photography 111 Wedding DC Photography 112 Wedding DC Photography 113 Wedding DC Photography 114 Wedding DC Photography 115 Wedding DC Photography 116 Wedding DC Photography 117 Wedding DC Photography 118 Wedding DC Photography 119 Wedding DC Photography 120 Wedding DC Photography 121 Wedding DC Photography 122 Wedding DC Photography 123 Wedding DC Photography 124 Wedding DC Photography 125 Wedding DC Photography 126 Wedding DC Photography 127 Wedding DC Photography 128 Wedding DC Photography 129 Wedding DC Photography 130 Wedding DC Photography 131 Wedding DC Photography 132 Wedding DC Photography 133 Wedding DC Photography 134 Wedding DC Photography 135 Wedding DC Photography 136 Wedding DC Photography 137 Wedding DC Photography 138 Wedding DC Photography 139 Wedding DC Photography 140 Wedding DC Photography 141 Wedding DC Photography 142 Wedding DC Photography 143 Wedding DC Photography 144 Wedding DC Photography 145