Melissa & Amir’s Wedding Day

Part of what is most beautiful about a wedding day is the labor of love which says so much about a family… in Melissa’s amazing hand laced dress, mom and sis spending their time laughing and lacing, dad patiently toting flowers all along the waterfront, to a priceless groom meticulously ironing his own handkerchief to put his best foot forward before greeting the most important girl in his life – his bride to be.

The magic of a wedding day is in the loving details and in the amazing people who bring each detail to life.

We would like to express our congratulations and thanks to Melissa and Amir and their wonderful families for an absolutely beautiful, fun filled day.

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1 thought on “Melissa & Amir’s Wedding Day

  1. These pictures are soooo beautiful and very memorable for our family. Great pictures, well done:) Made me smile as I looked back on a fun celebration of two in love joining their lives as one. Cathy and Jim Feider

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