Jim & Tom’s Wedding day

20 years from now you will very likely remember how crisp the air was, how beautiful the Jefferson was on your brief walk through it’s towering pillars, how the courtyard was perfect and how, for a few precious moments, the world stood still.    

A wedding day is sometimes described as surreal, it seems to fly by.  What we take away are special moments, smiles, the antics of little ones and the beauty of the day. This day could not have been more beautiful.

Our heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Jim and Tom and their families for sharing their stunning day with all of us.

Inscription on the wall of the Jefferson Memorial“as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times.” 

Our thanks to the amazing staff of the Westin for all of your help and for such a beautiful room.  To Edge Flowers for the most beautiful roses I have photographed in a decade.

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Washington Weddings Photos | The Westin Grand, W

Edge Flowers | Edge Flowersashington D.C.

Asure and Robert

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Asure, Robert and their beautiful family for making this day so special for everyone around you.

Everything about this day was stunning, from the wonderful September weather, the azure blue sky, sweet vows, and the fun of dancing into the the wee hours.  You gave us all the gift of a beautiful day.

With our thanks to the to the staff of the Omni Shoreham and all who worked on this wedding for making perfection seem easy!

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Jessica & Jonathan

There is no greater joy in life than to be surround by loving family, having gathered from all over the world, to share a precious day of celebration.  From the first nervous moments of getting ready, to all of the good wishes and blessings, Jessica and Jon’s day was filled with joy.

We would like to express our special thanks to the Morais Vineyards.  A day cannot be more perfect then this beautiful day was;  roaming the vineyards and cellars gave everyone a special experience.

Congratulations Jessica and Jonathan!  We all wish you the very best.  You were a stunning bridal couple.

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