Alis and Amy’s Wedding Day

As a culture we have come so far in just a decade and particularly in just this amazing year.  Our congratulations to Amy and Alis and our heartfelt gratitude to all who made their day so special and to all who have contributed over the years to making this day a reality and miracle for all of us.

St. Johns Episcopal church is one DC’s most beautiful, intimate and historic churches. Every sitting President has visited St. Johns. It has played an august role in many inaugurations, contributed to our nations progress, and has been host to more great Military and Civil leaders then any church in the nation.  Thank you Reverend Dr. Leon for making this ceremony intimate, personal and joyful.

Our thanks to Michael Deltette and all of the staff of the Park Hyatt for your special warmth, hospitality and extraordinary cuisine.

Congratulations Amy and Alis!

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