Kimberly and Gary at Lincoln’s Cottage

We would like to our express our heartfelt thanks to Kim, Gary, their family and friends for an a truly amazing, beautiful day.

Just over one hundred and fifty years ago, during the third week in July, 1862, President Lincoln drafted the Emancipation Proclamation at Lincoln’s Cottage. There was doubt that the Union would even survive the document but Lincoln’s resolve and patience in drafting it are a legendary example of the genius that formed our nation. This historic mansion was a summer home to 4 presidents and later became a retreat for recovering and aging soldiers.

150 years later Kim and Gary’s love of history and each other inspired them to travel from Boston to marry at Lincoln’s cottage in Washington DC on a warm summer day, the very same week during which, Lincoln likely paced the halls and spent long nights at the writing desk in preparing his first draft.

Bouquets sat on the mantle in the Lincoln’s bedroom.  Kim dressed in Mary Todd’s beautiful dressing room.   A light rain held off just long enough for a ceremony on Lincoln’s porch, and later cleared to provide a rainbow and stunning skies for the guests pleasure as the sun set.   This day was a historian’s and a couple’s dream.

Congratulations Kim and Gary!

Special thanks to Sahand and all of the staff of the Lincoln cottage for going above and beyond to make this day perfect!   Kudos to Design Cuisine for an incredible meal!

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Heather & Isaiah’s Wedding Day

We would like to express our thanks to Heather, Isaiah, their families and their wedding party for a truly wonderful day.

Everyone contributed to this day from the first moments of delicate makeup, amazing hand made bouquets, an elementary school class of very proud ring bearers, wonderful food, a moon bounce (yes a moon bounce), dancing in sunglasses and at the end of a wonderful day, an escape in the rumble seat of the very Model A, in which mom and dad had made their own escape decades earlier.   This wedding day was genuinely magic.

Thanks for having us be part of your special day!   Elaine & Jose.

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