Black & White Wedding Photography

Even in the most colorful, pastoral setting, black and white imagery can highlight emotion, texture, humor, intimacy and beauty.

There was a time even just a decade ago when digital imagery did not hold a candle to fine black and white film.  The world has changed.  Today digital photography with fine post processing has more power to express subtlety and detail then the very finest film did 20 years ago.

I nolonger miss my Hassleblad — well maybe just a little.  It still sits on my desk as a precious memory and tribute to the genius of idols like Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham.   How they would have loved digital!  How they would have loved today!

Black White Photography 161Black White Photography 163 Black White Photography 164Black White Photography 166Black White Photography 169 Black White Photography 170 Black White Photography 171Black White Photography 173 Black White Photography 174

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