Black & White Wedding Photography

Even in the most colorful, pastoral setting, black and white imagery can highlight emotion, texture, humor, intimacy and beauty.

There was a time even just a decade ago when digital imagery did not hold a candle to fine black and white film.  The world has changed.  Today digital photography with fine post processing has more power to express subtlety and detail then the very finest film did 20 years ago.

I nolonger miss my Hassleblad — well maybe just a little.  It still sits on my desk as a precious memory and tribute to the genius of idols like Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham.   How they would have loved digital!  How they would have loved today!

Black White Photography 161Black White Photography 163 Black White Photography 164Black White Photography 166Black White Photography 169 Black White Photography 170 Black White Photography 171Black White Photography 173 Black White Photography 174

Jessica & Greg’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency

We would like to express our thanks to Jess, Greg, their wonderful family and friends and their amazing wedding party.

The day began with the most beautiful chuppah, hand sewn with pieces of fabric from Jess and Greg’s lives, including rosettes from baby blankets and mementos from high school, college and dating.   Even the littlest one kept their patent leather shoes on all day  long, braved a long aisle and danced into the wee hours with the biggest grins!

Congratulations Jessica & Greg!

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Wedding Album Styles and Leathers

Albums have evolved over the last decade to being true works of art.   They are a joy to design now.   Our coffee table books are designed with panoramic pages, library bound bindings and fine leather.    Recently we have added embossing and debossing included in all of our packages.  Please have a look at the new features below.



Baby Blue















Traditional embossing, script or block, gold, silver or black


Modern Debossing – bold block


Modern Debossing – Narrow Gothic


Acrylic Cover – $224 extra


Metal Image Cover – $284 extra


Randi & Justin at the Sphinx Club

We would like to express our thanks to Randi, Justin, their wonderful wedding party and family for a day filled with fun and incredible joy.

The Sphinx Club is an historic gem in DC.  Built in 1929, it is a contemporary of the Press Club with a beautiful cavernous ballroom surrounded by a balcony and 2 story mahogany pillars.  The ballroom was filled with up lit arrangements of white roses, hydrangea and orchids.  The entire day absolutely could not have been more beautiful.

Congratulations Randi and Justin!!!

Special thanks to Davinci Florist, The Sphinx Club, the Hamilton Hotel and especially to Joia Jefferson Nuri for making the day such a joy.

Sphinx Club Wedding 01 Sphinx Club Wedding 02 Sphinx Club Wedding 03 Sphinx Club Wedding 04 Sphinx Club Wedding 05 Sphinx Club Wedding 06 Sphinx Club Wedding 07 Sphinx Club Wedding 08 Sphinx Club Wedding 09 Sphinx Club Wedding 10 Sphinx Club Wedding 11 Sphinx Club Wedding 12Sphinx Club Wedding 14 Sphinx Club Wedding 15 Sphinx Club Wedding 16 Sphinx Club Wedding 17 Sphinx Club Wedding 18Sphinx Club Wedding 20 Sphinx Club Wedding 21 Sphinx Club Wedding 22 Sphinx Club Wedding 23 Sphinx Club Wedding 24 Sphinx Club Wedding 25 Sphinx Club Wedding 26 Sphinx Club Wedding 27 Sphinx Club Wedding 28 Sphinx Club Wedding 29 Sphinx Club Wedding 30 Sphinx Club Wedding 31 Sphinx Club Wedding 32 Sphinx Club Wedding 33 Sphinx Club Wedding 34 Sphinx Club Wedding 35 Sphinx Club Wedding 36 Sphinx Club Wedding 37 Sphinx Club Wedding 38 Sphinx Club Wedding 39 Sphinx Club Wedding 40 Sphinx Club Wedding 41 Sphinx Club Wedding 42 Sphinx Club Wedding 43 Sphinx Club Wedding 44 Sphinx Club Wedding 45 Sphinx Club Wedding 46 Sphinx Club Wedding 47 Sphinx Club Wedding 48


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