Engagement at Glenview Mansion

Congratulations and best wishes Cristin and Brian.   They chose Glenview Mansion for its rustic outdoor feel.   Cristin and Brian will be married at the beautiful historic mansion Stone Manor so the spring Cherry Blossoms at Glenview were a perfect engagement spot.   Good luck Cristin and Brian!!!!

CB_Eng_226 (1)CB_Eng_130 CB_Eng_133 CB_Eng_135 (1) CB_Eng_139 (1) CB_Eng_147 CB_Eng_150 CB_Eng_159 (1) CB_Eng_176 CB_Eng_187CB_Eng_199 (1) CB_Eng_200 CB_Eng_207 CB_Eng_208 (1)CB_Eng_218 (1) CB_Eng_221 (1) CB_Eng_224CB_Eng_228 CB_Eng_232 (1) CB_Eng_234 CB_Eng_244 (1) CB_Eng_248 (1) CB_Eng_253 CB_Eng_255 (1) CB_Eng_259 (1) CB_Eng_260

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