Jessica & Ryan at St. Francis Hall

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Jessica, Ryan and their wonderful family and friends for an incredibly beautiful, joy filled day.

Jessica and Ryan had a Capitol Hill wedding.   The very first of the Cherry Blossoms were out at St. Peters and St. Francis Hall.   Jess, Ryan and their wedding party visited the Senate Fountains for a some relaxation and then went onward to spend their evening at the stunning St. Francis Hall.  Thank you for a beautiful day.

Our special thanks to the Orsulak family.  It was a genuine honor to serve the family of a fine wedding photographer.  Thank you for all of your support.   🙂 Elaine

JR_Wed-1014 JR_Wed-1002JR_Wed-1018 JR_Wed-1029JR_Wed-1090 JR_Wed-1133 JR_Wed-1145 JR_Wed-1149 JR_Wed-1162 JR_Wed-1176 JR_Wed-1183 JR_Wed-1184 JR_Wed-1211 JR_Wed-1240 JR_Wed-1257 JR_Wed-1270 JR_Wed-1278 JR_Wed-1304 JR_Wed-1392 JR_Wed-1430 JR_Wed-1441 JR_Wed-1459 JR_Wed-1468 JR_Wed-1474 JR_Wed-1496 JR_Wed-1502 JR_Wed-1517 JR_Wed-1558 JR_Wed-1565 JR_Wed-1578 JR_Wed-1589 JR_Wed-1591 JR_Wed-1609 JR_Wed-1615 JR_Wed-1627 JR_Wed-1637 JR_Wed-1650 JR_Wed-1655 JR_Wed-1656 JR_Wed-1677 JR_Wed-1679 JR_Wed-1700 JR_Wed-1724 JR_Wed-1728 JR_Wed-1736 JR_Wed-1743 JR_Wed-1746 JR_Wed-1761 JR_Wed-1793 JR_Wed-1799 JR_Wed-1801 JR_Wed-1810 JR_Wed-1831 JR_Wed-1845 JR_Wed-1847 JR_Wed-1856 JR_Wed-1867 JR_Wed-1883 JR_Wed-1887 JR_Wed-1940 JR_Wed-1959 JR_Wed-2001

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